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Vận chuyển hàng hoá quốc tế air cargo Vietstar Exoress gửi hàng nước ngoài

The transportation of goods in this fast-developing era is essential for businesses. Therefore, air freight is the most optimal choice in terms of delivery speed. Currently, the need to transport goods by plane is becoming more and more popular, and be interested in many individuals and businesses operating in the field of trade, import, and export.
Grasping that trend, Vietstar Express is providing customers the air cargo service for the following routes:
Goods are circulated along the North-South axis;
Goods circulated in provinces/localities with airports;
International transportation of goods.

Advantages of air transportation

Compared with other common forms of transport (motorcycles, trucks, ships, etc.), air transport has many outstanding advantages:
– High speed: Firstly, the advantage of this service is the super fast delivery speed. Airplanes are very high-speed means of transport, about 800 – 1000km/h – which is much faster than other vehicles
– High safety: Due to many procedures for air cargo, the delivery process is extremely strict to ensure the maximum level of safety. In addition, the risk of an accident occurring by air is extremely low.
– Minimizing unwanted losses: Incidents such as breakage, damage, or theft will be less likely to happen when delivered by plane because the goods are protected and preserved more carefully.
Due to the above advantages, air transport is especially suitable for customers who need to quickly ship high-value, perishable goods.

Air transportation brings conveniences to customers

Drawbacks of air transport service

Besides the advantages and convenience that the air cargo service brings, customers should know about some disadvantages of using this service:
– High cost: Compared with other types of transportation, customers choosing air cargo service will have to pay much higher freight rates.
Restricted in terms of volume and size of parcels: Air freight services will be limited in terms of volume and size, so they cannot transport large or bulky goods.
Strict shipping standards: To ensure flight safety, the goods will be strictly inspected before shipping. High-risk, flammable and explosive goods will be prohibited from being transported.
Low flexibility: Due to the impact of weather and technical factors of aviation, the delivery may be delayed.

Notations of air transport service

Some types of goods are prohibited from being transported on planes
When choosing a type of air transport, customers should also pay attention to avoid sending restricted items according to aviation safety regulations:

  • Hazardous goods
    Substances harmful to health and the environment that are not allowed to be transported include:
    – Explosive devices such as bombs, mines, flares, ammunition, guns, etc.
    – Flammable substances, and flammable gases such as alcohol, gasoline, oil, etc.
    – Toxic substances which are harmful to health such as acids, salts, oxidizing agents, detergents, etc.
  • Fresh goods
    Fresh items are often difficult to preserve during transportation, leading to risks of damage to the goods. Before sending these types of goods for transportation, you need to wrap and pack the goods carefully and vacuum the goods to ensure the integrity of that order.
  • High-value items
    Jewelry, precious metals, and products of great value are prohibited items that cannot be transported during international shipping.
Forbidden items of air transportation

Vietstar Express – a qualified air freight services provider

Vietstar Express provides customers with domestic and international air delivery services with extremely fast shipping times and competitive rates. We are proud to be a partner of major carriers in the world such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT with a worldwide network to all countries. In addition, Vietstar also owns direct connections to some countries: Cambodia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Laos, and Macau.

With a strong transportation capacity and enthusiastic support team, Vietstar Express is committed to giving customers an impressive airmail delivery service experience at the most optimal cost.