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Delivery costs are always a problem that makes online shop owners and distributors a headache. The reason is that this is the expanse amount that directly affects the profit margin as well as the promotion they would like to give their customers. To save the delivery costs, you can try some of the following tips for your delivery process.

Use the appropriate type of delivery service

Currently, Vietstar Express is providing a variety of freight services for customers including premium delivery, express delivery, economical delivery, and road delivery. Each shipping service will correspond to a different freight rate and speed. Therefore, the cost of different types of delivery services has a huge difference. Therefore, based on your item, as well as your budget, you should choose a delivery method that suits your needs.

Choose the right service for your shipments to save shipping costs

Packaging your shipments properly

Most courier service providers including Vietstar Express charge based on two factors: volume of goods (including actual and dimensional volume) and transportation distance. Therefore, following a reasonable postal packaging will help save a part of the shipping cost. You should choose the right type and size of box based on the goods you intend to transport. This simple method would help you avoid being charged extra for bulky shipments or increasing the weight of the package.

Pack for shipment reasonably based on your item

Signing a long-term contract with Vietstar Express

For shop owners and suppliers, signing a long-term contract with Vietstar Express is reasonablely a good way to save on shipping costs. When you sign a long-term contract, you will enjoy incentives and promotions for loyal customers which leads to a more attractive prices.

Using fulfillment services provided by Vietstar Express

For small and medium-sized distributors or shops that are just starting their business, choosing the delivery unit that provides Fulfillment service is also a solution to minimize the expenses of your business.

VSE Fulfillment is a service in which VSE provides customers with an E-Commerce logistics solution to fulfill the E-commerce transaction. VSE Fulfillment includes the following stages: import goods into the warehouse, manage goods and warehouses, release the warehouse according to customer orders and deliver orders to the recipient by VSE delivery service. In other words, this service will handle all the tasks related to inventory management and order fulfillment for the seller, helping the seller to save on storage costs, labor costs, operational costs, and other costs relating to the carriage of goods.

Use VSE Fulfillment service is the optimal solution for small and medium businesses

Vietstar Express is one of the leading couriers in Vietnam providing business fulfillment services. With the strength of an experienced business that owns a spacious and high standard warehouse system. Further more, Vietstar Express have a nationwide transport system with more than 300 means of transport and a facility network of post offices covering 63 provinces and cities. We also provide warehouse operation solutions combining freight forwarding with optimal cost and convenience for online shop owners and distributors.

Consolidate goods for bulk shipping

Vietstar Express’s freight policy has attractive incentives for bulk orders and high shipping volume. The reason is that small orders would still consume the same amount of resources to large orders. Therefore, the solution here is that for small shipments with the same receiving address and not requiring tight delivery time, can be accumulated to send in the same order. This method will help you optimize costs significantly.